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    Mamas for Mamas - Envisioning a future where no mama or child is left behind.

    Mamas for Mamas - Envisioning a future where no mama or child is left behind.

    Having cool socks is cool. Not having any socks at all? Not cool. The unfortunate reality however is that in times of struggle, some Mama’s aren’t able to provide something as simple (and necessary) as socks to their children. We make socks! So how (we wondered), could we make sure kiddos who need socks will get them?

    Enter Mamas for Mamas.

    Mamas for Mamas is a Canadian charitable organization providing support to those in crisis and struggling with poverty. Knowing that this organization is on the front-line, we donated over 600 pairs of children’s cookie socks for them to distribute. We're not sure if there's anything funner than having cookies on your feet, and we hoped they put a lot of smiles on little faces. 

    For us, this goes beyond giving socks. We trust in what Mamas for Mamas is doing and believe that an organization who also empowers people to give kindness back for the goods they receive - holy moly. That is a place we want to support.

    If you want to see more of what Mamas for Mamas is doing - please visit their website HERE


    Let's Avocuddle!

    Let's Avocuddle!

    One of the funnest things we get to do at Friday Sock Co is collaborate with rad business owners to create one-of-a-kind mismatched socks. If you have ever seen our AvoCuddle socks - this was the result of one such special partnership.

    Queenie Best - (Shop owner of Queenie's Cards in Toronto, ON) is the original creator of the uber-well-known design, the ‘Avo Cuddle’. We bet you have seen it on products such as cards, pillows, shirts etc, but never socks...until now.

    We chatted with Queenie to get some behind-the-scenes information about the famous design that now lives on Friday Socks.

    Here we go…

    Queenie - you are behind the design for the Avocuddle. Can you tell us how you came up with it?

    I was making guacamole in the kitchen and it just came to me!

    You have this design within your brand and on a lot of other products - what made you think of having it on socks?

    I love working with Adam and I love Friday Sock Co! I first ordered for my retail shop back in the spring of 2017 and they always do so well, I thought having my design on socks would be the perfect fit - ha!

    You could have had your design on matching socks - what made you want to work with Friday Sock Co and have them mismatched?

    I actually adore mismatched socks! In high school I thought wearing different socks was the coolest thing and I still switch up my coloured socks to this day just because it's fun. Now I get to wear my own designs!

    Have you had any feedback from customers that have bought your 'Let's Avocuddle' socks that you can share with us?

    Absolutely! Everyone loves them! We love hearing the giggles and seeing the smiles when the socks catches customers' eyes. They're great for gifts and a treat for yourself. I'm already thinking about the next design to make!

    As you can see - Queenie really does put her heart and quest for fun into everything she does, which makes her the perfect person for Friday Sock Co to Avocuddle with. If you would like to see more of the brilliant creations from Queenie visit her website HERE or shop for your very own pair of socks HERE.


    Images by @queeniescards

    Why we don't make our socks in Canada

    Why we don't make our socks in Canada

    We didn’t always make our socks in Italy. In fact, our very first production in 2014 was in China (we went through three different manufacturers during the next year). By spring 2016 we decided to move our manufacturing and elevate our brand as a premium product in the process. We weren’t getting what we needed from the factories we were using and something had to give.

    So, how did we find a new manufacturer? It’s really just like the old saying, “you have to have a lot of ideas to have a good one.” The same rings true for finding a good manufacturer. We went through a lot of different options before we found a small factory in Italy who could make our product and become a long-term partner for us. We initially launched a premium “Made in Italy” collection to test the waters, and thankfully our customers responded positively to this new direction. Fast forward and we have made hundreds of designs and have gone on a number of factory tours. We now have very strong relationships with four different factories in Italy.

    But, you could make your own socks, right?

    I have gone to a number of factory visits and have seen the specialization, generational talent, and infrastructure needed to make a product like ours first-hand. Not to mention that we use four different types of machines (needle count). It would take an incredible amount of investment to build a factory that could handle our current production volume. We would also still have to import all the yarn which doesn’t even build a case for it being better for the environment. 

    Why don't you make your socks somewhere in Canada?

    We actually tried. Back in 2016 we had reached out and recieved quotes from a factory in Quebec. The cost was far too high and the machines simply didn’t make the quality of product we were looking for. They also would not give us access to the yarns we wanted to use. I would have to have made a lower quality product and charge our customers double for it... There was no business case to do this.

    There’s another part of this answer that I’ll use an analogy for. (note: this is a quick analogy I whipped up and is only to highlight my point). Let’s say you lived in South Africa and let’s also say you tried Maple Syrup for the first time. If you only had access to maple syrup in large quantities, you could start a business! So, would you buy seeds to grow trees? Or, would you go to where it’s been made for over 100 years. A place that had a reputation for making the very best maple syrup in the world. If it made business sense, sure, that’s a different story. In our case though, we can get the absolute best product by working with and supporting small factories in Italy who have been making socks for generations.

    How does our decision to make socks offshore impact your local economy?

    It impacts our local economy in an incredibly positive way. We have 4 employees, give back to charitable causes in our community (and beyond), and most importantly - we’re able to scale our company to a size that will continue to allow us to grow and contribute.

    How does it impact the environment?

    Another analogy. This time you own a Pyjama (PJ) company in Vancouver, and your PJ's are made in Toronto. Great, the PJ’s are made in Canada, but the fabric will most certainly be imported (let’s say from Asia). So, fabric goes on a journey from Asia to Toronto, the PJ's are made and get sent to you in Vancouver. Two trips. In our case, our manufacturers are super close to the materials used in production. When our product is made it is sent directly to us. One trip. There are so many scenarios, but just because a product is made in Canada it doesn’t mean it is any better for the environment. Sometimes it is, sometimes it actually isn’t. Note: There are a lot of different scenarios. This is only to highlight a perception.

    In Closing

    I have to be honest here... Even if we could make our product in Canada, we probably still wouldn’t. We have gotten to know the people who make our socks. They are small business owners. They have families and employees to support and you know what? They make incredible socks. Why would we stop supporting them?

    We get it. As a consumer it’s important to know where your clothing is coming from. It’s important to know that sustainable/quality material is being used, and that the people who make the products are being treated ethically. You should also consider the environment impact as part of your buying decision. We fully support this thinking and wish everyone had the same considerations. We just thought it was important to let you know why we do what we do, and why it makes sense for us.


    Love is Love

    Love is Love

    Have you ever seen our ‘Love is Love’ socks? If you haven’t - there is more to it than a mismatched pattern and fun colours. Beyond the design, this sock was created with the intent to support the LGBTQ community.

    We started our research into finding an organization who was doing to real-deal work and happily found the Rainbow Railroad. By working with the *Canadian Government, and front-line supporters around the world - Rainbow Railroad is using legal means to “help facilitate the safe passage of persecuted individuals” to flee from often, life or death situations. It is crazy to think that people are being marginalized (and even punished…) for loving who they love. We had to help.

    In 2018, Rainbow Railroad received over 1300 requests for help with that number expected to more than double in 2019. Living in Canada - we are lucky. Being able to run a business that can also give back - lucky. We’ve made our donation already this year from a portion of the sales of our Love is Love socks. So...love you who want to love. Friday Sock Co supports you.

    If you would like to hear more about the work that Rainbow Railroad is doing - visit their website HERE 

    *Rainbow Railroad is not funded by the Canadian Government

    Calgary Underground Film Festival x Friday Sock Co.

    Calgary Underground Film Festival x Friday Sock Co.

    The Calgary Underground Film Festival has been contributing to the arts community for 15 years - and we think that’s pretty freakin awesome. Film enthusiasts and creatives alike get to explore international independent cinema through the twice-a-year event.

    We thought - how can we support C.U.F.F in doing their thang? So, we created a pair of purposely mismatched socks (obviously). Friday Sock Co is proud to say that over the past year, 10% of the profits of the movie camera & popcorn sock sales have gone to contribute to this incredible non-profit organization. You can also pick up these socks directly from Calgary Underground Film to help show your support.


    C.U.F.F runs this year April 22-28 with special event screenings sprinkled throughout the year and the International Documentary Festival in November.

    To get these super special mismatched socks you can visit our shop here https://www.fridaysocks.com/products/movie-camera-popcorn-mens or head to the Globe Cinema (in YYC) during the festival and pick up a pair directly from C.U.F.F. (and see a movie too). We might just see you there.