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    Organic Cotton!

    Organic Cotton!

    Guess what?! We have been busy green bees behind the scenes (as usual) and are now ready to announce that all our new kid socks will feature organic cotton! As we sell through our inventory for past designs, these also will be replaced with organic cotton versions. 

    We are continually striving to innovate in the sock space and make choices that align with our values of being sustainable, earth-friendly and totally unique. On our most recent manufacturer visit, we were given the opportunity to start using organic cotton yarn for our kid’s collection. Filmar produces Biofil C20 which uses cotton that is guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). It’s basically as good as it gets. 

    Filmar’s aim in creating biofil C20 is to ‘promote and enhance sustainable development’. This is done through the production system that ensures working conditions that are all the things you would hope for - safe, fair, clean etc. 

    The colours of this organic cotton are not only beautiful, but varied and vibrant. But the cotton didn’t always start out like that! It had to be dyed and is done so without the use of ‘carcinogenic or allergenic colorants’. 

    The last super special point to make about this cotton (and why we have chosen it) is because it is cared for even before gets turned into socks. It is grown without the use of ‘pesticides, chemical fertilizers or defoliants’. We aren’t sure what exactly defoliants even are, but - we know we’d rather your kids not have it in their socks. 

    Excited yet? If you’d like to check out some of the new designs - click here. Prepare to feast your eyes on everything from balloon animals to narwhals. 

    Friday Goes to the Stampede

    Friday Goes to the Stampede

    When you’re a small business who likes to have a root tooten good time in a city like Calgary, there’s only one place to go; The Calgary Staaaaampede (Yeehaw).

    In case you haven't seen the flags on every street pole in the city - The Calgary Stampede is happening July 5 -14 2019. It is full of adventure and unlike anything else you can experience at other times of the year. There is much to do that we thought it would be helpful to feature some of Friday’s faves.


    Milk & Cookies Shack (Presented by Alberta Milk)

    This year at the Calgary Stampede organizers have introduced the Milk & Cookies Shack! Being parents here at Friday we know that sometimes (and when we say sometimes mean all-the-time), kids would appreciate a small refreshment of this classic combo.

    Little known fact - when eating Milk and Cookies, the flavour experience is actually doubled - er... quadrupled when actually wearing milk and cookie socks. Don’t believe us? Well you’re wrong. Cause it’s a fact.

    The Milk & Cookies Shack can be found outside the agriculture building near the entry to country trail - check the official website for opening hours!

    Animals, Agriculture and Community Spirit (Presented by Nutrien)

    After the little ones are all fuelled up - we recommend heading over to the Nutrien Western Event Center & Altalink Hall for the ‘Seed Survivor’ exhibit. 

    As a sustainable company ourselves, we appreciate the opportunity for kids to hang with experts and learn where their food comes from, get their cowboy-ness spirit on, dress the part (in their new cowboy socks of course) and be entertained - no matter what the age or ability of your children.

    And side note - if a sock gets dirty in there (spoiler alert - it will), switch it up with the extra one that comes with every kids ‘pair’.



    We couldn't very well write and article about the Calgary Stampede without a special shout-out to must have-food-goodness - right? Here are some of this years highlights.

    Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnuts

    Introducing...Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut...Socks! Juuuust kidding. We don’t have Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut socks. But as long time Calgary residents and people who eat treats - we have to recommend this new twist on our absolute fave Stampede snack. Available at the Midway!

    So, no actual Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut socks BUT - never fear we do have regular doughnuts, pizza, beer, burger & fries and hot dog socks (plus plenty more) food themed socks to match the food festivities at the Calgary Stampede.


    Barrel Racing

    Barrel racing is fast-paced, super competitive and amazing to watch, so we think it is worth a trip over to the Grandstand to see. It is impossible to not get in the spirit of the Stampede while there (as long as you have your Friday Sock Co socks on) and cheer on your favorite rider and horse.

    Find people with cool socks

    Although not an ‘official’ activity of the Calgary Stampede, we suggest finding, gawking and high-fiving everyone else that you see wearing cool Friday Sock Co Socks. And don’t forget to tag us on social media (@fridaySockCo)! We want to see these socks (and you, of course) enjoying the always amazing Calgary Stampede.


    Hope to see you there!
    Team Friday

    Disclaimer: When we say 'fact', we don't mean fact. 

    Father's Day Subscriptions!

    Father's Day Subscriptions!

    Dad. Pops. The guy wearing socks and sandals while evaluating the lawn. 

    Whatever you call him, we’ve got you covered. Father’s Day is around the corner and Friday Sock Co. is a favourite for anyone who wants to give dad the gift that keeps on giving. 


    Head to our site and sign Daddo up for either a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month package (The longer the term, the more the savings). He deserves it, right? And as an added bonus? All the other dads will be super jealous. Your dad will suddenly be the cooool dad. 

    Will he get the subscription before fathers day? Nope, but don't sweat it! After purchasing your new shiny subscription you will be able to download a printable gift sheet that you can give on the day. Our subscriptions are sent out the third week of June. 

    Head to our subscription page HERE and win fathers day. 


    Mamas for Mamas - Envisioning a future where no mama or child is left behind.

    Mamas for Mamas - Envisioning a future where no mama or child is left behind.

    Having cool socks is cool. Not having any socks at all? Not cool. The unfortunate reality however is that in times of struggle, some Mama’s aren’t able to provide something as simple (and necessary) as socks to their children. We make socks! So how (we wondered), could we make sure kiddos who need socks will get them?

    Enter Mamas for Mamas.

    Mamas for Mamas is a Canadian charitable organization providing support to those in crisis and struggling with poverty. Knowing that this organization is on the front-line, we donated over 600 pairs of children’s cookie socks for them to distribute. We're not sure if there's anything funner than having cookies on your feet, and we hoped they put a lot of smiles on little faces. 

    For us, this goes beyond giving socks. We trust in what Mamas for Mamas is doing and believe that an organization who also empowers people to give kindness back for the goods they receive - holy moly. That is a place we want to support.

    If you want to see more of what Mamas for Mamas is doing - please visit their website HERE


    Let's Avocuddle!

    Let's Avocuddle!

    One of the funnest things we get to do at Friday Sock Co is collaborate with rad business owners to create one-of-a-kind mismatched socks. If you have ever seen our AvoCuddle socks - this was the result of one such special partnership.

    Queenie Best - (Shop owner of Queenie's Cards in Toronto, ON) is the original creator of the uber-well-known design, the ‘Avo Cuddle’. We bet you have seen it on products such as cards, pillows, shirts etc, but never socks...until now.

    We chatted with Queenie to get some behind-the-scenes information about the famous design that now lives on Friday Socks.

    Here we go…

    Queenie - you are behind the design for the Avocuddle. Can you tell us how you came up with it?

    I was making guacamole in the kitchen and it just came to me!

    You have this design within your brand and on a lot of other products - what made you think of having it on socks?

    I love working with Adam and I love Friday Sock Co! I first ordered for my retail shop back in the spring of 2017 and they always do so well, I thought having my design on socks would be the perfect fit - ha!

    You could have had your design on matching socks - what made you want to work with Friday Sock Co and have them mismatched?

    I actually adore mismatched socks! In high school I thought wearing different socks was the coolest thing and I still switch up my coloured socks to this day just because it's fun. Now I get to wear my own designs!

    Have you had any feedback from customers that have bought your 'Let's Avocuddle' socks that you can share with us?

    Absolutely! Everyone loves them! We love hearing the giggles and seeing the smiles when the socks catches customers' eyes. They're great for gifts and a treat for yourself. I'm already thinking about the next design to make!

    As you can see - Queenie really does put her heart and quest for fun into everything she does, which makes her the perfect person for Friday Sock Co to Avocuddle with. If you would like to see more of the brilliant creations from Queenie visit her website HERE or shop for your very own pair of socks HERE.


    Images by @queeniescards