Baby Sock Wash Bags

Baby Sock Wash Bags

Previously our baby socks were packaged in recyclable cardboard containers, but only about 1/4 of Canada's paper and cardboard waste is actually recycled. Switching to functional packaging with only a cardboard tag greatly reduces the amount of waste associated with the purchase of our product, and for us that's a huge win.
Spreading the Joy With EvenStart

Spreading the Joy With EvenStart

It's no secret that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. But if we have learned anything, it is the importance of community. We feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such an amazing one here in Calgary, despite being a big city the comradery and goodwill often make it feel like a small town. 

December 01, 2020 — Emily Piro
Mamas for Mamas - Friday Sock Co.

Mamas for Mamas

Envisioning a future where no mama or child is left behind.

Having cool socks is cool. Not having any socks at all? Not cool. The unfortunate reality however is that in times of struggle, some Mama’s aren’t able to provide something as simple (and necessary) as socks to their children. We make socks! So how (we wondered), could we make sure kiddos who need socks will get them?

October 21, 2020 — Adam Thompson
The Ultimate Guide to Women's Socks

The Ultimate Guide to Women's Socks

Socks, not much to them right? Just some little cloth envelopes we put our feet in so our shoes don't stink. WRONG! You put socks on everyday, you walk around in them for hours, you live in them, you laugh in them, you love in them. They protect your feet, they can pull an outfit together, you can even use it as a face mask in a pinch.... what more can you ask of a piece of clothing?

October 05, 2020 — Emily Piro
5 Unreal Hikes Near Calgary

5 Unreal Hikes Near Calgary

One of the best parts about living in Alberta is being in such close range to the Canadian Rockies. With countless adventures to be had at any time of the year, we've rounded up our five favourite hikes and are sharing the hot takes with you! Always check the weather before going hiking and make sure you are prepared with food, water, proper clothing, first aid supplies, and bear spray. Choose a hike that you are comfortable with and fits your experience level.  
September 04, 2020 — Emily Piro
Kids Refusing to Wear Socks? - Friday Sock Co.

Kids Refusing to Wear Socks?

A tale as old as time, kids vs. socks. You find them in the backseat of the car, under the couch, on the kitchen floor, everywhere but on their feet. During the summer months, this battle can be heeded with bare feet and sandals. But as we head into September with back to school and cooler temperatures the quandary once again begins.
August 31, 2020 — Emily Piro
Camping at Home

Camping at Home

Camping is the quintessential summer activity, and now that it's October you may think that your chance to go this year has passed. And okay, maybe it has but that doesn't mean you can't get the camping✨vibe✨at home. Utilizing knowledge gained over 20 years of real life camping trips, and a few google searches, I have curated for you the ultimate at home camping experience. 

August 04, 2020 — Emily Piro
8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

Hold on to your socks, because it’s officially the first day of summer – hurray! It’s time to put away all of those layers and so-called in-between ‘transition’ pieces and bring out your shorts, flip flops, and tanks in preparation for the glorious abundance of heat that this season brings.
Friday Interviews: Curbie - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Interviews: Curbie

So I moved to New York, got a degree in finance, and started working on Wall Street. At first, it seemed like a dream; a penthouse apartment, designer suits, and surrounded by beautiful people. But... after a few years, I realized I didn't even recognize myself anymore
July 01, 2020 — Emily Piro
These socks did good things. - Friday Sock Co.

These socks did good things.

Since the middle of March, we’ve all seen Canada and the greater world crumble in devastation as front-line workers work tirelessly to find some relief from the adversity caused by COVID-19.  Now into May, and as the country starts to slowly reopen, the full impact hasn't yet been felt. 
#BeCubed Mural in Bridgeland, Calgary

Michelle Hoogveld Adds a Colourful Dimension to Calgary’s Street Art

When you visit a town or a city, ultimately you’re there to experience the culture that is deeply rooted within people, architecture, fashion, design and art. Street art is a combination of all of all of these things and it’s a unique platform to tell a story and connect with the community in a more visual and expressive way. It also adds colour to an otherwise grey concrete jungle!
April 30, 2020 — Adam Thompson

Jim Socks Donation

Jim Button #Jimsocks donation to help his family in their quest to start North America’s first chair in Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology and Survivorship at UofC’s Cummings School of Medicine