Mismatched Socks Delivered Monthly! 

Choose from either a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month term and get ready for good times. Every month we’ll pick a pair at random, do a dance, and magically get them delivered to your mailbox. (Ok, it’s not magic... but you can pretend it is!). Plus, all subscribers receive free shipping for the duration of their term.

If you need to have something to give prior to the first scheduled pair, don’t sweat it. Simply download our Printable Gift Sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: Our subscription is random. We are unable to allow customized selections or accommodate requests for alternate start dates. Sorry!

If you have other items in your order, they will ship separately from the first pair of your subscription.

Be sure to scroll all the way down and read our FAQ for all the details on how our Sock Club works.

Fun fact: We are Canada’s first and only mismatched sock subscription and we’re also Canada’s first and only kid sock subscription service. Holy Mole Guacamole! ☺︎

To start, choose which size you're shopping for.

Monthly Sock Club FAQ

When do you send socks out?

Our trusty and reliable sock monkey Fred sends subscription socks on the 15th of each month. Unless the 15th happens to fall on a weekend or a holiday, in which case they'll be sent out the following business day.

If you purchase a subscription by the 10th of the month, the first pair will go out that same month. If you purchase a subscription after the 10th of the month, it will roll forward and the first pair will be sent out the following month. Please note that we cannot accommodate any special start dates for monthly sock subscriptions.

If you have additional individual items in your basket, they will be shipped out to you first at no additional charge, and the subscriptions socks will be sent out separately in accordance with our 10th of the month cut-off!

Can I choose the start date?

No, sorry! All subscriptions are sent out on the same day each month. We cannot accomodate requests for alternate start dates, including for subscriptions that are purchased around Christmas time.

Which address do you send the subscription socks to? 

We will always send the socks out to the address in the subscription form. When you check-out, you will also be asked for a shipping address, but this is for folks who order a subscription and then want to order socks for themselves. Whatever you put in the subscription form, is the one we’ll use for the subscription. 

Will the socks arrive on the same day each month?

We’d love for them to come on the same day each month, but timing can range depending on a number of factors, including stat holidays, shark tornados, etc. If the socks are beyond a normal delivery delay, please email us so we can check on the status of the package. 

How does pricing work?

The longer the subscription the more the savings. 

3 Months - free shipping
6 months - 5% off and free shipping
9 months - 8% off and free shipping
12 months - 10% off and free shipping

Will I get a tracking number?

All of our monthly subscriptions are sent out through standard post (untracked letter mail) so that we can offer free shipping for the duration of your subscription! You'll receive a confirmation email from us once your first pair has shipped and no communication after that. We've got a super duper organized system for sending out subscriptions each month so no need to worry, just remember that the shipping date for the socks is the 15th (or next business day) of each month.

Can I pick the socks you send out?

Sorry, but it's gotta be a no here. We pick socks well in advance and special requests impact our ability to administer the subscription. What if you don't like the pair we sent? Good question. We answer that one a little further down in the FAQ. 

We are always super excited to share the designs we choose with you and hope you share the same excitement. We often like to pick some of our favourite designs from new (and sometimes unreleased) collections! It is important to note that some of our designs may be more or less 'eccentric' than those in our flagship collections. Some of the socks we pick may not be what you're used to, but we hope you still give them a try! Our selection process is very important to us. If you really don't like the designs we're choosing let us know, as we rely on your feedback. 

What’s the process for changing my address?

Just send us an email at with your name and new address and “ADDRESS CHANGE" as the subject line. If you do not update us with a new address, and the socks have been sent, we will wait patiently for them to be returned so we can send them to the new shiny updated address. 

Does the subscription automatically renew?

We know that reoccurring billing and auto renew is sometimes super convenient, but we also know how super annoying it is to be auto subscribed to something beyond the time initially intended. For this reason, we currently do not keep you wrangled into anything automatic. To renew your subscription, simply resubscribe for the term you’d like. Our sock monkey Fred has filed away all the previous designs you’ve already been sent, so don’t worry about duplicates. Just make sure you tick the handy dandy resubscribing box when you’re putting your info back in!

I got a duplicate pair, what do I do?

Hey, we’re human, and sometimes we make mistakes. If you received a duplicate pair please email us right away at and we’ll get you sorted. This only applies to subscription duplicates. If your Aunt Betty gave you a subscription and didn’t tell us you already had a design, well you’ll probably have to live with it.

I don’t like the pair you sent me. Can I exchange them?

The short answer for this is... Whaaaaat!?!? You don’t like a pair of our socks...? We are so hurt. Ok, over it now. Our subscription selection is carefully planned and we allocate inventory ahead of time. If we’ve sent you a design that isn’t your cup of tea, our suggestion is to give them a shot anyway (they might grow on you). If you really just cannot get over it, and they are the ugliest things you’ve ever seen, maybe re-gift them to a friend (or your arch enemy). If it's still bothering you and you can't seem to get it off your chest, feel free to let us know. We rely on your feedback to consistently deliver top quality subscriptions (please be nice, Fred has feelings too)! 

How does your sizing work?

We have the following sizing available.

Men’s 7-12 / Women’s 8-13 - These are a mid-calf sock that will fit most men, and will also fit a Women’s shoe size 8-13. They show as Men's sizing on the tag, with women's sizing on the back of the tag. 

Women’s 5-10 / Men’s 4-8 - These are a crew sock (above the ankle) that will fit most women. They will also fit a Men’s shoe size 4-8. Women's sizing on the front of the tag, men's sizing on the back. 

Kids socks are available in 4 sizes. Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Different kids have different sized feet, so it’s better to think of this as a guideline. Our kid socks are based off shoe sizes. If a pair of our kid socks is a little big, they will shrink down in the wash/dry cycle. 

XS / Ages 1-2 / Infant Shoe Size 3-4.5

S / Ages 2-4 / Toddler Shoe Size 5-9 

M / Ages 5-7 / Kids Shoe Size 10-2

L / Ages 8-12 / Kids Shoe Size 3-6