8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

Hold on to your socks, because it’s officially the first day of summer – hurray! It’s time to put away all of those layers and so-called in-between ‘transition’ pieces and bring out your shorts, flip flops, and tanks in preparation for the glorious abundance of heat that this season brings.
Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure! - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure!

Here at the Friday HQ, we continually strive to be connecting with local businesses and brands within the community. We are incredibly excited to announce our most recent sock collaboration with the iconic Canadian brand, WestJet! 
November 10, 2019 — Kristy Archibald
Father's Day Subscriptions! - Friday Sock Co.

Father's Day Subscriptions!

Dad. Pops. The guy wearing socks and sandals while evaluating the lawn. 

Whatever you call him, we’ve got you covered. Father’s Day is around the corner and Friday Sock Co. is a favourite for anyone who wants to give dad the gift that keeps on giving. 



Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is getting the opportunity to work with creative organizations that are making a large and positive impact within the community.
Goodbye Plastic - Friday Sock Co.

Goodbye Plastic

As this year began, Friday Sock Co made it a priority to expand on its mission to be as Earth Friendly as possible. We were already green - but we wanted to even greener.

Our socks are ethically made with continual shifts to reduce waste while considering our carbon footprint.

Socks with a Conscience! - Friday Sock Co.

Socks with a Conscience!

Friday socks are made to put a smile on your face when go to wear them, hence the hilarious and relatable mismatched designs that we are continually coming up with! However, we want the quality of our socks to go beyond the fabric and not only be comfortable but make a positive impact on everyone they come in contact with.  

Friday Goes to the Stampede - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Goes to the Stampede

When you’re a small business who likes to have a root tooten good time in a city like Calgary, there’s only one place to go; The Calgary Staaaaampede (Yeehaw).

In case you haven't seen the flags on every street pole in the city - The Calgary Stampede is happening July 5 -14 2019. It is full of adventure and unlike anything else you can experience at other times of the year. There is much to do that we thought it would be helpful to feature some of Friday’s faves.

January 03, 2019 — Tamara H
Love is Love - Friday Sock Co.

Love is Love

In 2018, Rainbow Railroad received over 1300 requests for help with that number expected to more than double in 2019. Living in Canada - we are lucky. Being able to run a business that can also give back - lucky. We’ve made our donation already this year from a portion of the sales of our Love is Love socks. So...love you who want to love. Friday Sock Co. supports you.
January 04, 2018 — Adam Thompson