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    Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide

    Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide

    One of the most rewarding things about what we do is getting the opportunity to work with creative organizations that are making a large and positive impact within the community.

    And let’s be honest, large is by far an understatement for Beakerhead! We can definitely all agree that this artistic and scientific marvel certainly knows how to make an entrance. 

    For those who don’t know, this is a 5-day event that erupts throughout the city of Calgary, combining technical creativity with the futuristic visionaries of science and engineering in the form of interactive exhibits, larger than life installations and pure ingenuity. Confused yet? Well, there is really no easy or logical way to explain it, you just have to experience it in person to truly take in every aspect of the exhibition.

    The best part of this year’s festivities is how they have incorporated Calgary’s culinary scene into the mix. From creating magical malt milkshakes to engineered eats to cooking in the Arctic to looking at coffee in parts per million, there’s really no limitations to the genius you’ll experience (and taste). You also can’t miss out on the Beakerbar at Fort Calgary. Here you can sip on delicious cold brews and chemical cocktails as the Serpent Mother lurks nearby – no we aren’t kidding!

    If you haven’t had a chance to experience the spectacular frenzy, you still have time! We recommend hitting up the real-life version of Snakes and Ladders that will take you to 14 of the must-see exhibits, while experiencing some of the other Beakerhead magic along the way. However, as you can imagine this is not a typical board game and will rely on your skilled ability to listen to your hunches and master your timing (hint hint)! View the map to get started here.

    Naturally, as you can imagine when Beakerhead approached us to collaborate on a pair of mismatched socks, there was no way we were saying no! Not only do they put on an unreal event, but they place a heavy emphasis on cultivating inner creativity and present year-round opportunities to be engaged with the public in science, engineering, and art, while stimulating ingenuity. As a result, the fit for this partnership could not have been more perfect! 

    We had already begun the process of designing a pair of spaceship themed socks a few months prior to having our first meeting with the Beakerhead team. So, when we sat down for our brainstorming session we landed on the idea to utilize the spaceships and pair them with a robot to compliment both brands while celebrating innovation, creativity, and technology. We then added a capital B on the chest of the robots to make the design unique to Beakerhead, with an added Friday flair.

    Since we have attended many of the previous Beakerhead events and have a huge respect for the unreal work that their team is able to pull off, we were incredibly honoured to work on this collaboration with them. Talk about a creative dream!

    These socks are available in both Mid-Calf (Men’s 7-12 and Women’s 8-13) and Crew (Women’s 5-10 and Men’s 4-8). Be sure to get them while you can, as they are a limited edition design and will only be available until supplies last!

    Have fun exploring the quirky, scientific, citywide street festival this weekend. Here is a list of all of the fun interactive events and spectacular exhibitions to check out before the festival is over!

    Friday Presents: XL Mismatched Socks

    Friday Presents: XL Mismatched Socks

    Who has ever walked in a pair of socks that are just not made to fit your foot? If your hand is raised, there is a good chance you are part of the size 12 and up club. The struggle is very very real.

    Everyone is incredibly different, and our feet are no exception. With all the different widths, heights, thickness, shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder finding the perfect pair of socks can be much like trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. It can be so frustrating to walk in a pair of socks that just ain’t right, plus it can cause back pain, orthopaedic issues and even something called bunions – GASP! If you don’t know what a bunion is, trust us, you don’t want to…

    The fact of the matter is the larger your feet, the fewer options you have to choose from. There are shops out there that do offer you some options, but in all seriousness who wants to be caught purchasing socks from Boringbigsocks.com. Not a savvy, style conscious person of the future like yourself. That’s who!

    All jokes, puns and satirical references aside, we have a learned a thing or two selling socks over the years. Dang Canada, some of you have some big feet!

    Well, you begged, and pleaded, and guess what? We listened! We were in denial about the severity of this nation-wide problem for quite a while, but we have officially decided to do our part to end madness! Are you sitting down? XL mismatched socks are now available on our online store and at select retail locations – let’s pause for a celebration!

    When we tracked down Adam - Chief Sock Officer for Friday Sock Co., he made it clear how important this was for the future of socks. “When I decided to launch an XL mismatched sock collection, I knew it would be a big feat. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I truly believe this is one giant step for mankind.”

    You can be sure that these socks WILL:

    • Improve foot dexterity
    • Improve foot comfort
    • Improve the overall quality of your adventures, especially when it involves trekking from one destination to another
    • Suit any occasion from your Grandma’s Birthday, a big Friday night date, to simply walking to your local bodega.
    • Improve your personal style by a zillionfold.
    • Improve your overall well-being and general happiness in life!

    The big details!

    These socks will fit men’s size 12 - 15 (up to size 16 if you keep them out of the dryer), and women’s size 14 +. They’re designed right here in Canada and ethically produced in Italy using OKEO-TEX certified Egyptian Combed Cotton. Every sock has a reinforced toe and heel, and the yarn blend extends throughout the top of the cuff for extra durability and comfort.

    These socks will be available in a variety of some of our best selling mismatched designs and will give your feet the confidence and comfort they need to make big strides in life. Get it? Big strides. Cause… big socks! Ok, moving on.

    If you're unsure of how to wear these socks this summer? Check out our guide to wearing mismatched socks this summer on our blog.
    Your welcome!

    Team Friday 

    8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

    8 Ways to Wear Friday Socks this Summer

    Hold on to your socks, because it’s officially the first day of summer – hurray! It’s time to put away all of those layers and so-called in-between ‘transition’ pieces and bring out your shorts, flip flops, and tanks in preparation for the glorious abundance of heat that this season brings.

    However, what do you do with your socks, specifically your Friday Socks? We have news for you - socks are in this summer, but not just any socks, mismatched ones. That’s right! They are this season’s must-have accessory that will give your feet a break from those dreadfully bland white knee-highs that your Grandma just loves to buy you. They will provide your look with the pop of colour that it’s been missing since the tie-die craze of the 90’s – in a less tacky and florescent way of course. 

    They will allow you to bring your usual street wear up a notch by playing with different colours and textures, and allowing your feet to play a leading role in determining your summer 2017 style. From a casual Sunday bike ride, to a cocktail bar on a Friday night, your mismatched calf-huggers can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and will have you standing out in any crowd.

    The key: choosing the right pair the both contrasts and compliments your look at the same time – easy peasy!

    Not sure where to get started? Here are 8 trendy ways for both men and women to wear Friday Socks this summer that you simply can’t miss out on!

    1. Business casual with a twist

    If you’re working in the corporate world of 9-5, there is generally not a ton of flexibility to play around with personal style. Interject this cookie cutter look, by throwing a subtle explosion of colour on your ankles that will tie your outfit together, catch the eye and insert some life into your daily humdrum attire. There is nothing like a pair of burger and fries socks to cheer up the office on a dreary Monday morning!

    1. Skirt + socks + heels

    Yes ladies, we said it! According to Vogue, even Kylie Jenner is adapting this funky style that shocked the runways last year. If heels really aren’t your thing, a pair of Adidas Superstars are perfectly acceptable for a more Athleisure look. We have cupcake, watermelon, floral and even cat socks that will take your outfit from drab to fab. If Kylie validated it, it’s got to be the next hottest trend right?

    1. Knee high joggers

    That’s right; yank those socks up real high, because this 80’s workout trend is back! Whether you’re at the gym, or for a brisk run in the great outdoors, this is probably one of the most practical, comfiest and fashionable decisions you’ll make all summer. We even have football or bike themed socks for extra motivation!

    1. Dress for the occasion

    Whether you’re attending the Calgary Stampede, Canada Day or Ride Your Bike to Work Day, always arrive in style and dressed to the nines. This is a fun way to subtly incorporate the motif of the festivities into your attire, while adding your individual stamp to the dress code.

    1. Socks and Sandals

    Despite the many debates, socks and sandals are officially on the “cool” end of the fashion spectrum. However, there is still a fine line that you have to watch out for between the safari Sam and the tacky tourist faux pas - neither of these are looks you want to emulate. Instead take this practical style and turn it into a chic and playful look that will be sure to catch people’s attention and show off your toned calves.

    1. Day of the week socks

    In the 90’s we did underwear, now we have moved on to socks! However, rather than being labeled for each individual day, it’s up to you how you want to label them. Try taco Tuesday, Caffeinated Monday, Donut Friday, Adventure Saturday, Travel Tuesday –whatever gets you through the week!

    1. Match your current craving

    Everyone has their favourite comfort food so what better than to add it into your personal style! Acknowledge current colour trends and elevate your look by trying a pair of timeless burger and fries, pancakes and maple syrup, or Ice Cream Popsicle socks. You can even encourage healthy habits by wearing our veggie sock design – 100% gluten free by the way. 

    1. Dress up a pair of loafers and trousers

    The English were on to something when they invented these two mainstay fashion items, but they were missing one thing – colour! Generally both of these staples are not cheap, so instead of breaking the bank on various shades of brown trousers, mix-it-up with a different colour ankle grazer and make that the vocal point of your look. You’ll be the most dapper one in the room – we promise.

    Now you know!  

    - Team Friday 


    Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure!

    Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure!

    Here at the Friday HQ, we continually strive to be connecting with local businesses and brands within the community. We are incredibly excited to announce our most recent sock collaboration with the iconic Canadian brand, WestJet! 

    It’s no secret that WestJet is Canada’s most beloved airline, and it all started right here in Calgary. What we admire most about this company is their commitment to community investment and their drive to ensure that each and every one of their guests has an amazing customer service experience – no, we were not paid to say that! In fact, we experienced it during our last trip to Europe. Brand new parents with no clue how to travel with a two-month old. Luckily we were in good hands.

    WestJet has also been a huge supporter of our socks from the beginning, and sells a variety of our designs at the WestJet Store located in their YYC headquarters. When the idea was brought up to make a custom sock design for WestJetters (this is how WestJet refers to their employees), there was no hesitation. After a couple of brainstorming sessions the decision was made to make a pattern out of their updated Canadian maple leaf logo which was launched in 2015.

    Once the design process was complete we settled on a couple of colour variations for the heel, toe, and top, and moved forward with making the socks in two sizes: a Mid-Calf Men’s 7-12 / Women’s 8-13, as well as a Crew Women’s 5-10 / Men’s 4 - 8.

    The next, and very important step, was to pick the yarn colours. This was a really fun meeting/brainstorming session at the Starbucks located inside their headquarters, (yes they have their own Starbucks). There is something about comparing yarn swatches and thinking about the different possibilities. There are so many subtle differences that can make a huge impact on what the sock ends up looking like. It really gets you excited about the final product.

    The final result of our WestJet sock collaboration features socks with 85% OEKOTEX® certified Egyptian combed cotton, a no-feel toe seam, reinforced heel/toe, and a blue threaded label closure on custom coloured logo tags. As with the rest of our socks, they are also ethically made in Italy.

    Currently, the WestJet socks will be sold exclusively at the WestJet Store for WestJetters.