Still shopping for those hard to buy for loved ones? I have created a list to take the stress out of last-minute gift buying. These are sure to bring smiles and joy to all. There is something for everyone on this list; from your loving partner, to your annoying sibling, all the way to Uncle Bob who you only see once a year. This isn't just best sellers, but also diamonds in the rough to help you find the perfect gift. 

Bear and Tree for the whole family (men's, women’s, kids)

Bear & Tree Socks

What's better than matching as a family with mismatched socks? With designs like Bear and Trees, you can ensure that the little ones (and big ones), get in on the action. Our Bear and Tree socks come in kid sizes ranging from ages 1-12. This year we've also done a limited edition Bear and Tree pair for adults that will never be seen again after this season. 


Ugly Christmas Santa & Reindeer Socks

Santa & Reindeer Socks

These are part of our Ugly Christmas Socks Collection, a play on ugly Christmas sweaters. These are perfect to put on your loved one's feet to shine bright with any Christmas outfit and make memories that will last a lifetime. They are available in both men’s and women’s. 


Hedgehog Wool Socks

Hedgehog Socks

Part of our new Merino Wool Collection these hedgehog socks are perfect for anyone looking for a technical sock. Your feet will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter as they are excellent temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking socks. They are the ultimate hiking or stay-at-home and snuggling socks.  Available in men’s and women’s.


Holiday Snowy Village Socks

Snowy Village Socks

If you are buying for someone who loves the holiday season, these socks are for them! A beautiful scene of a snowy village woven carefully onto the sock. They capture the magic of the winter season perfectly and leave a lasting impression. Available in women’s only.


Underwater Scene Socks

One of our newest releases, these capture different layers of an underwater scene! Perfect for those who love the ocean or marine life. The attention to detail of the sea creatures is very evident and your imagination can come to life! Available in both men’s and women’s.


Glass and Whiskey Socks

Glass & Whiskey Socks

This one is for whiskey lovers! Jack meets Daniel. Don't go anywhere without a little liquid courage in double malt Men's Glass & Bottle Whiskey Mismatched Socks. It has a nice dark grey base colour that pairs well with almost any colour of dress pants and shoes for those fancier occasions. Available in men's only.


Green RV and Tree Socks

Green RV & Tree Socks

These are for the adventurous at heart. Those who go wherever the road takes them! Available in women’s only.


Kids Rainbow, Unicorn, Narwhale Socks

Make their day magical with perfectly pink Kid's Rainbow, Unicorn, and Narwhal Mismatched Socks. Friday Kid Socks come three to a pair! That’s right folks. Three super fun mismatched matching socks! So... if you lose one, no sweat. If you grow another foot, you’re in luck. Three socks equal one pair of awesomeness. Available in ages 1-12.


Winterberry Camp Socks

Camp Socks

I had to put these ones at the bottom so this blog post wouldn't be too biased. These are by far my favourite collection as I am an avid camper! They are made of thick yarn to keep you warm, ribbed for durability, and subtly mismatched to be your new cold-weather friend. Available in men's and women’s.