Men's Luxury Dress Socks ft. Mercerized Cotton

Men's Luxury Dress Socks ft. Mercerized Cotton

Introducing Friday Luxury Socks! A collection of premium dress socks including all our favourite mismatched patterns along with a handful of new designs. Level up your business casual, show off on the golf course, or match with your groomsmen while feeling Harvey-Specter-level dapper. 
January 04, 2020 — Adam Thompson
Why we don't make our socks in Canada - Friday Sock Co.

Why we don't make our socks in Canada

We didn’t always make our socks in Italy. In fact, our very first production in 2014 was in China (we went through three different manufacturers during the next year). By spring 2016 we decided to move our manufacturing and elevate our brand as a premium product in the process. We weren’t getting what we needed from the factories we were using and something had to give.

Calgary Underground Film Festival x Friday Sock Co. - Friday Sock Co.

Calgary Underground Film Festival x Friday Sock Co.

The Calgary Underground Film Festival has been contributing to the arts community for 15 years - and we think that’s pretty freakin awesome. Film enthusiasts and creatives alike get to explore international independent cinema through the twice-a-year event.
December 25, 2019 — Adam Thompson
Socks | WW1 | WW2 - Friday Sock Co.

Socks | WW1 | WW2

This remembrance day let us not forget the brave soldiers who, while fighting for our freedom, did not have such a simple thing we take for granted every day. They were far from home, they were in the mud, and something as simple as a dry pair of socks was a luxury they didn't have. Lest we forget. 
November 11, 2019 — Adam Thompson
Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure! - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Takes Flight on a Grand New Adventure!

Here at the Friday HQ, we continually strive to be connecting with local businesses and brands within the community. We are incredibly excited to announce our most recent sock collaboration with the iconic Canadian brand, WestJet! 
November 10, 2019 — Kristy Archibald
Organic Cotton! - Friday Sock Co.

Organic Cotton!

Guess what?! We have been busy green bees behind the scenes (as usual) and are now ready to announce that all our new kid socks will feature organic cotton! As we sell through our inventory for past designs, these also will be replaced with organic cotton versions. 
Father's Day Subscriptions! - Friday Sock Co.

Father's Day Subscriptions!

Dad. Pops. The guy wearing socks and sandals while evaluating the lawn. 

Whatever you call him, we’ve got you covered. Father’s Day is around the corner and Friday Sock Co. is a favourite for anyone who wants to give dad the gift that keeps on giving. 



Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is getting the opportunity to work with creative organizations that are making a large and positive impact within the community.
Goodbye Plastic - Friday Sock Co.

Goodbye Plastic

As this year began, Friday Sock Co made it a priority to expand on its mission to be as Earth Friendly as possible. We were already green - but we wanted to even greener.

Our socks are ethically made with continual shifts to reduce waste while considering our carbon footprint.

Socks with a Conscience! - Friday Sock Co.

Socks with a Conscience!

Friday socks are made to put a smile on your face when go to wear them, hence the hilarious and relatable mismatched designs that we are continually coming up with! However, we want the quality of our socks to go beyond the fabric and not only be comfortable but make a positive impact on everyone they come in contact with.  

Friday Goes to the Stampede - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Goes to the Stampede

When you’re a small business who likes to have a root tooten good time in a city like Calgary, there’s only one place to go; The Calgary Staaaaampede (Yeehaw).

In case you haven't seen the flags on every street pole in the city - The Calgary Stampede is happening July 5 -14 2019. It is full of adventure and unlike anything else you can experience at other times of the year. There is much to do that we thought it would be helpful to feature some of Friday’s faves.

January 03, 2019 — Tamara H
Core Values - More Than Socks - Friday Sock Co.

Core Values - More Than Socks

Recently we had a photo shoot to capture some of the newer designs at Friday Sock Co.

But this was no ordinary shoot. We had bubbles. A lot of laughs. Collaboration. And personalities from introvert to top-notch extrovert. And it worked. Wanna know why?