6 Things to Do in Calgary This Summer

6 Things to Do in Calgary This Summer

Friday Athletics are designed to get you moving and keep you moving, all summer long. Featuring a terry cloth footbed for ultra cushion and comfort, plus a ribbed cuff to keep them up wherever you take them. The subtly mismatched striped design is the perfect companion for all of your summer adventures!

There's no place like YYC in the summer and we wanted to share some of our favourite things to do in Calgary to keep moving and soak up those long summer days. 

June 15, 2021 — Emily Piro
#BeCubed Mural in Bridgeland, Calgary

Michelle Hoogveld Adds a Colourful Dimension to Calgary’s Street Art

When you visit a town or a city, ultimately you’re there to experience the culture that is deeply rooted within people, architecture, fashion, design and art. Street art is a combination of all of all of these things and it’s a unique platform to tell a story and connect with the community in a more visual and expressive way. It also adds colour to an otherwise grey concrete jungle!
April 30, 2020 — Adam Thompson
Friday Goes to the Stampede - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Goes to the Stampede

When you’re a small business who likes to have a root tooten good time in a city like Calgary, there’s only one place to go; The Calgary Staaaaampede (Yeehaw).

In case you haven't seen the flags on every street pole in the city - The Calgary Stampede is happening July 5 -14 2019. It is full of adventure and unlike anything else you can experience at other times of the year. There is much to do that we thought it would be helpful to feature some of Friday’s faves.

January 03, 2019 — Tamara H