#BeCubed Mural in Bridgeland, Calgary

Michelle Hoogveld Adds a Colourful Dimension to Calgary’s Street Art

When you visit a town or a city, ultimately you’re there to experience the culture that is deeply rooted within people, architecture, fashion, design and art. Street art is a combination of all of all of these things and it’s a unique platform to tell a story and connect with the community in a more visual and expressive way. It also adds colour to an otherwise grey concrete jungle!
April 30, 2020 — Adam Thompson
Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide - Friday Sock Co.

Friday Sock Co X Beakerhead: Art and Science Collide

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is getting the opportunity to work with creative organizations that are making a large and positive impact within the community.
Friday #Inspiration: The Color Factory - Friday Sock Co.

Friday #Inspiration: The Color Factory

Here at the Friday HQ we’re always looking to see what is happening in the ever-changing world of modern art. It always inspires us to see what other creatives are doing around the globe and how their work is making an impact on both the art and global community!
January 04, 2018 — Adam Thompson