Why we don't make our socks in Canada - Friday Sock Co.

Why we don't make our socks in Canada

We didn’t always make our socks in Italy. In fact, our very first production in 2014 was in China (we went through three different manufacturers during the next year). By spring 2016 we decided to move our manufacturing and elevate our brand as a premium product in the process. We weren’t getting what we needed from the factories we were using and something had to give.

Socks | WW1 | WW2 - Friday Sock Co.

Socks | WW1 | WW2

This remembrance day let us not forget the brave soldiers who, while fighting for our freedom, did not have such a simple thing we take for granted every day. They were far from home, they were in the mud, and something as simple as a dry pair of socks was a luxury they didn't have. Lest we forget. 
November 11, 2019 — Adam Thompson