Whether you have a Pug, an Australian Shepherd, or a Puss in Boots-look-alike, you can find a sock that resembles your furry friend in brand new Cat Collection & Doggie Collection!

In honour of these loveable companions, here are 10 fun cat and dog facts that you (probably) haven’t heard before!

  1. Cats don’t meow at each other. Cats usually meow just to get the attention of a human (usually for food, as cat owners know all too well)! When communicating with each other, a cat may occasionally utter a “meow,” but they usually opt for using body language, scent, or other vocal communication such as trilling, growling or hissing.

  2. Dogs can’t feel guilty. The next time Rover chews through his third shoe this week, remember- he doesn’t feel guilty for it, and he never will! He does, however, feel upset that he’s being scolded. It’s a good thing he’s too cute to stay mad at!

  3. Greyhounds can run fast. And by fast, we’re talking 72 km/hour. That’s right- your greyhound could outrun the cars on most inner-city streets!

  4. A house cat can run as fast as 48 km/hour. She may be no Greyhound, but your little Fluffy could still take Usain Bolt in a footrace- and that’s no small feat!

  5. Dogs have about 1700 taste buds. For comparison, humans have about 9000, which could explain why your pup is willing to wrestle you to the death over a week-old blueberry that you just fished out from behind the fridge….

  6. More people have pet cats than pet dogs. We can’t settle the age-old cat vs dog debate for you, but we can inform you that there were 7.9 million pet dogs in Canada last year, and 8.5 million pet cats!

  7. Dogs can actually be left- or right-handed! Or pawed, that is. Dogs are either ambilateral, right-paw dominant, or left-paw dominant. Those who have a dominant paw are pretty evenly split- it’s not more common for dogs to be right-pawed like it is for humans!

  8. Less than half of felines are actually sensitive to catnip. Catnip sensitivity is genetic, and it’s actually pretty common that the herb will have no effect on your kitty at all.

  9. The oldest cat ever lived to be 38 years old. Creme Puff, the cat in question, holds a Guinness World Record for his feat.

  10. French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed. Last year, they were crowned the most popular breed for the very first time, beating out the ever-popular Labrador Retriever! (Psst- we have socks to honour your Frenchie (or your Labrador!) in the drop)

That’s a wrap on our fun facts! Want to check out the new Cat & Dog collection? Click here for Mens sizes and here for Womens. We’re paw-sitive that you’ll find the purrfect pair, no matter what kind of fur baby you have!