Spring is here! The time of year for new beginnings and growth there is no better way to celebrate the season than with an abundance of flowers. With that in mind, we are super excited to announce our brand new floral collection! Nine brand new designs with all of your favourite flowers. Available in Men's and Women's sizes, this new collection features plantable hang tags; because what goes better with flowers than more flowers?


All of our other collections are tagged with 100% recyclable cardboard, but for the floral collection we decided to try something new and use compostable seeded paper. Simply cover the tag with moist soil and within 7-14 days you'll see your first little wildflower sprouts. They can be planted in a pot inside or you can save them for your summer garden! Keep reading to learn more about plantable paper and the wildflowers you'll be growing!

Botanical PaperWorks 

Our plantable paper tags were sourced from Botanical PaperWorks. Based in Winnipeg, they are a WBE Canada Certified business. Their mission is to help spread beauty and reduce waste by sharing biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material. Their plantable paper is available with herb, veggie, and wildflower seeds.


Once the paper is planted the seeds grow and the paper simple composts away. They are experienced in paper design and make beautiful wedding invitations, coasters, thank you cards and, anything else paper! If you would like to know more about Botanical PaperWorks or want to get started on your own plantable paper project click here!


The Flowers You'll Grow

Our plantable tags contain seeds for six different wildflower varieties, guaranteed to add a pleasant pop of colour to any space! Like most wildflowers, they are pretty hardy and don't require special care. 


Catchfly originates from Europe and are said to represent unchanging friendship. Its flowers are primarily pink but may also have tones of lavender or white.


Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum produces clusters of tiny flowers that produce an extremely pleasant sent. The flowers may be pink, salmon, purple, white or yellow. They are said to possess a spiritual energy that helps improve emotional balance.



Said to represent strength and grace, Snapdragons are a hardy plant and give off an exciting, pleasing fragrance.  

Bird's Eye

Native to California, Bird's Eye is often visited by bees and hummingbirds. 


Black Eyed Susan 

Representing justice and triumphant love, Black Eyed Susans are native to North America and are known to attract butterflies. white or yellow.



Named after William Clark (Lewis and Clark), Clarkia produces beautiful pink flowers said to represent enthusiasm and charm. 


Benefits of Growing Your Own Flowers

We all know that flowers are aesthetically pleasing but are there any other benefits? The answer is yes!

Many studies have cited improvement in productivity, mental health, and immunity from keeping plants and flowers in the home or office. Which are things we could all use a little more of after a year of living through a global pandemic. 

We are so excited to see all of your wildflowers growing. Don't forget to share on Instagram and Facebook with #fridaysockco !