We can all agree that baby socks are one of the cutest articles of clothing in existence. But holy moly they are hard to keep track of. While we can't do much about your little one tossing their socks out the side of the stroller, at least we can keep them accounted for in the laundry.

Our baby socks will now be packaged in reusable wash bags made out of organic cotton. (Woohoo!) Not only will this save your little socks from being lost in the dryer abyss but it's a big win for mother earth too. Our mismatched baby socks were previously packaged in recyclable cardboard containers, but only about 1/4 of Canada's paper and cardboard waste is actually recycled. Switching to functional packaging with only a cardboard tag greatly reduces the amount of waste associated with the purchase of our product, and for us that's a huge win.

So how did we come up with this? First hand experience. Adam was blessed with his second bundle of joy, Ollie, in May 2020 and of course he was immediately hired as a Friday Sock product tester. While Ollie loved how his mismatched dinosaur socks complimented his soft spot he lost his favourite sock (purple brachiosaurus) the first time they were washed. Adam, always the ideas man, immediately thought of wash bags, and the rest is history!