Socks, not much to them right? Just some little cloth envelopes we put our feet in so our shoes don't stink. WRONG! You put socks on everyday, you walk around in them for hours, you live in them, you laugh in them, you love in them. They protect your feet, they can pull an outfit together, you can even use it as a face mask in a pinch.... what more can you ask of a piece of clothing?

Here at Friday Sock Co. we like to think we've changed the sock game a bit; easy sizing, creative styles, a monthly sock club, and more! Keep reading to find out what we can do for your feet, because your toes deserve the best.


Yeah you heard that right, our socks come fully loaded with 6 state of the art features, no extra cost. 

1. Yarn Blend Extension

We extend our knit all the way inside of our top cuff to provide extra durability and comfort. This also allows for our socks to stay up longer. No slouching here!

2. High Needle Count 

We use a variety of high needle count knitting machines to make socks of different density and softness while keeping the integrity of the design. High needle count also results in a stronger and finer premium quality sock. 

3. OKEO-TEX® Egyptian Combed Cotton

The STANDARD 100 by OKEO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. 

4. No-Feel Toe Seam™ 

The toes on our socks feature our No-Feel Toe Seam™. This means you won't be feeling anything unpleasant on your toes. We think this is a bit of a game changer. 

5. Reinforced Heel and Toe 

No holy socks here. We reinforce our heels and toes with cotton wrapped polyester yarn so that you still feel the softness of cotton, while getting the strength of polyester. 

6. Our Commitment to be Green 

We have committed to be environmentally conscious in all areas of our business. Our yarns are made in an eco-friendly environment and are free from harmful materials that can be found in non-regulated manufacturing. We are also in the process of phasing out all plastic hooks and have moved to 100% cardboard tags since 2019. Our shipping mailers are even biodegradable! Look at us doing good things and stuff.


Did you know that socks are typically sized in inches? As if anyone knows how long their feet are in inches. Here at Friday we've tried to make it as simple as possible by sizing our socks based on shoe size. Our women's socks come in one size which fits a women's shoe size 5-10, men's shoe size 4-8, and kid's shoe size 3-6. 

But what if my feet are too big for women's socks??

Fun fact, socks are actually unisex, we recommend checking out our men's socks. Our men's collections offer some of the same designs as women's, plus more! Our men's socks fit a women's 8-13. 

But what if my feet are too small for women's socks?

You my friend are in luck, since our socks have such a high cotton content you can shrink them by tossing them in the dryer or check out our kid's socks which come in four sizes you tiny footed person you. 


Friday Sock co. has three women's collections; crew, ankle, and recycled cotton. (Is there a very exciting new collection coming in October?? Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this article to be the first to know!)

Our women's crew socks are our OG's, made with 85% Egyptian combed cotton, 12% nylon, and 3% elastane. These babies hit above your ankle so you can show off your awesome sock choice with almost any sneaker, ankle bootie, sandal, or even a chic pump. We have over 80 designs in the women's crew, so whether you are a leopard lady or a cupcake connoisseur there is something for you or whoever you are buying for. 

Next we've got the ankles, they have the same composition as the crew but they hit below the ankle. Maybe you have a dress code you need to follow, maybe you ankles need to breathe, or maybe you just don't want the world to know you're a unicorn fanatic. These guys stay your little secret, hidden by most closed toe footwear. We have over 40 designs available in women's ankle, that's like a different pair of socks everyday for 6 weeks!

Our newest collection (for now) is recycled cotton. They are 55% recycled cotton, 30% recycled pima cotton, 12% nylon, and 3% elastane. Not only do these guys do good for mother earth by keeping fabric scraps out of the landfill but the pima cotton makes them extra soft. Right now this collection features 8 designs, with colours and patterns not found in our regular crew or ankle collections. 

Sock Care

Your socks do so much for you, the least you can do is take care of them back. Don't worry you don't have to hand wash your socks, just throw them in the machine with your tighty whities and sweatpants. Drying is a bit of a different story, as mentioned above our socks have a high cotton content and this means they can shrink in the dryer. If you don't want them to shrink it is recommended that you hang dry them. Hang dry my socks???? What you think I live the Ritz-Carlton? I don't have a fancy sock hanger! Good news, you can hang dry your socks almost anywhere; on your balcony or deck, your dining room chairs, your ceiling fan, your boyfriend, or your toaster oven (disclaimer: we don't actually recommend putting your socks on your toaster oven). 


Picture this; a new pair of surprise mismatched matching socks to spice up your feet every. single. month. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well it's a reality with our monthly sock club; available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month terms, perfect for some monthly self care. It also makes a great gift, not only does it fit any occasion but it also forces the person to think of you at least once a month. But you're on your way to your to your Great Aunt's Bar-mitzvah right now? No sweat! Place a subscription order in her name and print of or email the confirmation sheet. Boom gift done in 30 seconds and you look like the most thoughtful relative ever!  

Check out some sock inspo below and click any image to find your next perfect pair!