Friday socks are made to put a smile on your face when go to wear them, hence the hilarious and relatable mismatched designs that we are continually coming up with! However, we want the quality of our socks to go beyond the fabric and not only be comfortable but make a positive impact on everyone they come in contact with.  

As we all begin to become more educated on the environment and the huge imprint that us humans are making on it, people are beginning to question how and where their things are coming from. It’s no secret these days that the fast fashion industry has patterns of toxic over-consumption, using practices that are harmful to small communities and this beautiful planet that we live on. Mindless materialism is unintentional, but a choice that is made on a daily basis that unfortunately has a major impact internationally.

With this increased awareness, consumers are becoming more conscious of their decisions, which are forcing popular brands to rethink their approach and adopt more sustainable habits. Since fashion is known to be a mirror to what is going on in the world around us, it's only natural that labels, such as Asos Eco Edit, New Balance, H&M, Patagonia and so many more, are incorporating this green way of thinking into their companies and designs.

Here at the Friday HQ, we do our best to abide by these sustainable practices and participate in the ethical fashion movement. For us, it’s important to know that from the time the yarn is harvested to the final moment when our socks are purchased, that we are supporting everyone every step of the way and that our socks are doing good, rather than harming the world in some way shape or form.

Not sure what ethical fashion even is? The International Ethical Fashion Forum defines it as “an approach to the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of clothing, which maximizes the benefits to people and communities while minimizing the impact on the environment.” AKA its fashion that respects both people and the environment within the entire product cycle.

Here are just a few ways that, here at Friday, we are committed to providing a product which is both socially and environmentally conscious!

  1. Friday Socks are made with OEKOTEX® Certified materials: this means that every fiber that our socks are made of are tested on an international standard to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals, substances or colours at every stage of production. Learn more about our certified yarn here!    
  1. Manufactured at a family-run factory: Friday proudly supports a 3rd generation sock producer in Northern Italy and in January had the amazing opportunity to visit and get to know the people behind the seams of our socks. There, they knit each sock with love and care, while using processes that are respectful of the environment and provide their workers with safe, clean and healthy working conditions. Everyone was so friendly and by the end of our visit, we felt like we were a part of their family. Stay tuned for more details of our visit in a future post!
  1. Giving back to the local YYC community: this is something that is of huge importance to us, so we regularly donate socks that we are not going to be selling or using to organizations, such as the Mustard Seed and the Calgary Drop In Centre. We also make it a priority to work with different non-for-profits to create collaborations that will benefit their cause.    

Now you know!  

- Team Friday