Here at the Friday HQ, we continually strive to be connecting with local businesses and brands within the community. We are incredibly excited to announce our most recent sock collaboration with the iconic Canadian brand, WestJet! 

It’s no secret that WestJet is Canada’s most beloved airline, and it all started right here in Calgary. What we admire most about this company is their commitment to community investment and their drive to ensure that each and every one of their guests has an amazing customer service experience – no, we were not paid to say that! In fact, we experienced it during our last trip to Europe. Brand new parents with no clue how to travel with a two-month old. Luckily we were in good hands.

WestJet has also been a huge supporter of our socks from the beginning, and sells a variety of our designs at the WestJet Store located in their YYC headquarters. When the idea was brought up to make a custom sock design for WestJetters (this is how WestJet refers to their employees), there was no hesitation. After a couple of brainstorming sessions the decision was made to make a pattern out of their updated Canadian maple leaf logo which was launched in 2015.

Once the design process was complete we settled on a couple of colour variations for the heel, toe, and top, and moved forward with making the socks in two sizes: a Mid-Calf Men’s 7-12 / Women’s 8-13, as well as a Crew Women’s 5-10 / Men’s 4 - 8.

The next, and very important step, was to pick the yarn colours. This was a really fun meeting/brainstorming session at the Starbucks located inside their headquarters, (yes they have their own Starbucks). There is something about comparing yarn swatches and thinking about the different possibilities. There are so many subtle differences that can make a huge impact on what the sock ends up looking like. It really gets you excited about the final product.

The final result of our WestJet sock collaboration features socks with 85% OEKOTEX® certified Egyptian combed cotton, a no-feel toe seam, reinforced heel/toe, and a blue threaded label closure on custom coloured logo tags. As with the rest of our socks, they are also ethically made in Italy.

Currently, the WestJet socks will be sold exclusively at the WestJet Store for WestJetters.