When you’re a small business who likes to have a root tooten good time in a city like Calgary, there’s only one place to go; The Calgary Staaaaampede (Yeehaw).

In case you haven't seen the flags on every street pole in the city - The Calgary Stampede is happening July 5 -14 2019. It is full of adventure and unlike anything else you can experience at other times of the year. There is much to do that we thought it would be helpful to feature some of Friday’s faves.


Milk & Cookies Shack (Presented by Alberta Milk)

This year at the Calgary Stampede organizers have introduced the Milk & Cookies Shack! Being parents here at Friday we know that sometimes (and when we say sometimes mean all-the-time), kids would appreciate a small refreshment of this classic combo.

Little known fact - when eating Milk and Cookies, the flavour experience is actually doubled - er... quadrupled when actually wearing milk and cookie socks. Don’t believe us? Well you’re wrong. Cause it’s a fact.

The Milk & Cookies Shack can be found outside the agriculture building near the entry to country trail - check the official website for opening hours!

Animals, Agriculture and Community Spirit (Presented by Nutrien)

After the little ones are all fuelled up - we recommend heading over to the Nutrien Western Event Center & Altalink Hall for the ‘Seed Survivor’ exhibit. 

As a sustainable company ourselves, we appreciate the opportunity for kids to hang with experts and learn where their food comes from, get their cowboy-ness spirit on, dress the part (in their new cowboy socks of course) and be entertained - no matter what the age or ability of your children.

And side note - if a sock gets dirty in there (spoiler alert - it will), switch it up with the extra one that comes with every kids ‘pair’.



We couldn't very well write and article about the Calgary Stampede without a special shout-out to must have-food-goodness - right? Here are some of this years highlights.

Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnuts

Introducing...Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut...Socks! Juuuust kidding. We don’t have Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut socks. But as long time Calgary residents and people who eat treats - we have to recommend this new twist on our absolute fave Stampede snack. Available at the Midway!

So, no actual Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnut socks BUT - never fear we do have regular doughnuts, pizza, beer, burger & fries and hot dog socks (plus plenty more) food themed socks to match the food festivities at the Calgary Stampede.




Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is fast-paced, super competitive and amazing to watch, so we think it is worth a trip over to the Grandstand to see. It is impossible to not get in the spirit of the Stampede while there (as long as you have your Friday Sock Co socks on) and cheer on your favorite rider and horse.

Find people with cool socks

Although not an ‘official’ activity of the Calgary Stampede, we suggest finding, gawking and high-fiving everyone else that you see wearing cool Friday Sock Co Socks. And don’t forget to tag us on social media (@fridaySockCo)! We want to see these socks (and you, of course) enjoying the always amazing Calgary Stampede.


Hope to see you there!
Team Friday

Disclaimer: When we say 'fact', we don't mean fact.