Have you ever seen our ‘Love is Love’ socks? If you haven’t - there is more to it than a mismatched pattern and fun colours. Beyond the design, this sock was created with the intent to support the LGBTQIA community.

We started our research into finding an organization who was doing to real-deal work and happily found the Rainbow Railroad. By working with the *Canadian Government, and front-line supporters around the world - Rainbow Railroad is using legal means to “help facilitate the safe passage of persecuted individuals” to flee from often, life or death situations. It is crazy to think that people are being marginalized (and even punished…) for loving who they love. We had to help.

In 2018, Rainbow Railroad received over 1300 requests for help with that number expected to more than double in 2019. Living in Canada - we are lucky. Being able to run a business that can also give back - lucky. We’ve made our donation already this year from a portion of the sales of our Love is Love socks. So...love you who want to love. Friday Sock Co supports you.

If you would like to hear more about the work that Rainbow Railroad is doing - visit their website HERE 

*Rainbow Railroad is not funded by the Canadian Government