Friday Sock Co socks are made with Egyptian Combed Cotton, which may leave you asking yourself... what is this word "Combed" all about? Well, the short answer is this - Combed Cotton is a super soft version of regular cotton. Pretty simple right? But how does it get its super softness? For the answer to that question, please see below.

In the typical milling process cotton is picked, cleaned, and the fibers are separated. The technical name for the separation process is called carding, but we don't need to get into all of that. Once the fibers are lined up in roughly the same direction, it is then spun into thread.

With Combed Cotton the process is the same, except this time around it's combed. Think of it like a fine brush that takes out impurities and shorter strands leaving behind the good stuff; long, straight fibers. Through the combing process, about 10-20% of the volume is removed leaving behind the best of the crop.

Because of this process combed cotton becomes much softer. This is due to the lack of short prickly fibers sticking out and also the removal of dirt and impurities. But wait there's more! It's also stronger! This is because combing makes the long fibers lie closely together, and the bits of short breakable fibers are removed. 

So there you have it. Now you know!

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