Recently we had a photo shoot to capture some of the newer designs at Friday Sock Co.

But this was no ordinary shoot. We had bubbles. A lot of laughs. Collaboration. And personalities from introvert to top-notch extrovert. And it worked. Wanna know why?

Because Friday Sock Company’s values guide everything we do. And we value ‘unique’. From design all the way to model, we care about celebrating people being who they are - for real.

So when someone suggested the models pose like emojis, jump on each others backs or stuff their faces with doughnuts while wearing veggie socks… do we deny the fun? Or go with it whole-heartedly? I think you will have guessed the answer.

We go with it. And at no surprise to us, we still got the shots. We had fun. And hopefully everyone left knowing that Friday Sock Co means you can be included while being your wonderful, unique self.

This is also why Friday is continually expanding design options for our customers. When you wear socks that are expressing some little part of you (whether that is your last trip to London or love for golf), we hope that it instantly reminds you that your uniqueness matters. To us and to this world.

Wanna see some of these unique designs? Click here.