Guess what?! We have been busy green bees behind the scenes (as usual) and are now ready to announce that all our new kid socks will feature organic cotton! As we sell through our inventory for past designs, these also will be replaced with organic cotton versions. 

We are continually striving to innovate in the sock space and make choices that align with our values of being sustainable, earth-friendly and totally unique. On our most recent manufacturer visit, we were given the opportunity to start using organic cotton yarn for our kid’s collection. Filmar produces Biofil C20 which uses cotton that is guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). It’s basically as good as it gets. 

Filmar’s aim in creating biofil C20 is to ‘promote and enhance sustainable development’. This is done through the production system that ensures working conditions that are all the things you would hope for - safe, fair, clean etc. 

The colours of this organic cotton are not only beautiful, but varied and vibrant. But the cotton didn’t always start out like that! It had to be dyed and is done so without the use of ‘carcinogenic or allergenic colorants’. 

The last super special point to make about this cotton (and why we have chosen it) is because it is cared for even before gets turned into socks. It is grown without the use of ‘pesticides, chemical fertilizers or defoliants’. We aren’t sure what exactly defoliants even are, but - we know we’d rather your kids not have it in their socks. 

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