I was very lucky growing up to always have access to a wood shop. My Dad owned a small construction company, so as a kid, I was always sawing and sanding wood bits to make all kinds of things. Thankfully after he retired he kept a small shop for little projects. This allowed Friday Sock Co. to build our very own retail displays. The most recent design was a wooden spinner that we called The Rooster. 

To build it I used a Cedar 4x4 cut to size, some carriage bolts, flanged inserts, wood glue, and a couple other stock retail display parts. For tools I use a chop saw, table saw, drill press, jig, and a belt sander. Before assembly I sprayed everything with a satin urethane.  The whole process for a display took a little over an hour without factoring in the time it took to get materials etc.

As the company grew in 2016, I realized I would no longer able to devote the time needed to build anymore Roosters. It’s one of those things that i’d love to keep doing, but just can’t manage the time it takes. It’s going to be a challenge to find another display option that is quite as unique, but i’m up for the challenge! Onwards and upwards. With that said, I will miss the smell of sawdust. 

Adam - Friday Sock Co.