The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is a national non-profit organization focused on human rights, health, social participation, inclusive education, and employment for those with Down syndrome. CDSS supports self-advocates, parents, and families through all stages of life. Their vision is that all people are valued, fully participating citizens. Their mission is the national source of expertise promoting the abilities and contributions of people with Down syndrome. They provide reliable information and connections to people with Down syndrome and those who support them, while positively shaping the social and policy contexts in which they live.

The CDSS provides numerous information on a variety of topics as well as many advocacy efforts. Some of those topics include; a resource hub for supporting all aspects of living with Down syndrome, major life-stage resources, and advocacy efforts with Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Governments.

The CDSS also has multiple positions on a range of important issues associated with the Down syndrome community in Canada. These issues range from preferred language to prenatal genetic screening and testing. Find out more about the positions here:

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