Ally Global works to prevent human trafficking and support survivors through safe homes, education, and work opportunities. They help survivors find healing and restoration through safe homes, education, and job training. Survivors of human trafficking have lived through immense trauma and their pain can make them feel broken and terrified. Safe homes provide a secure place for children to work through past trauma, build meaningful relationships with others, and start to dream for their future.

Ally works through national leaders and established local partners who understand the language and culture where they work. Their project partners are experts in their field and Ally wouldn’t be able to do this work without them. They work in Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, and Canada. The work includes trafficking prevention, safe homes, education, leadership developments, community reintegration, job training, and research and development.

Ally cares for brave survivors of abuse, encourages individuals to dream, and protects vulnerable communities. Together we can help survivors find healing!

We donated $2000 to this charity in August 2022 and helped them make some awesome socks for an annual fundraiser they host called Move for Freedom. Move for Freedom is an annual fundraising event to prevent human trafficking and support the recovery of human trafficking survivors. Participants choose an activity they love (like hiking, biking, or yoga), create a team with friends and family, and set a fundraising goal. On the event day, teams participate from wherever they live to help survivors find healing!

To find out more about their initiatives, visit their website: