Owned and operated by husband and wife team Tyler & Katrina, Peregrine Supply Co. is a Vancouver-based brand that promotes healthy, well-rounded men’s culture. Their goal is to foster a community where all men are welcomed, and aim to reject the baggage of hyper-masculine stereotypes to connect with their customers. They hand make modern, functional grooming products in small batches, using sustainable ingredients and methods. Their products and unique scent blends are inspired by the world around them, and are 99% naturally-derived.


What did you use your custom socks for?

We used these socks in our first round of what we call our "Peregrine Collaborations" - and they were included in our Father's Day Bundles this year. The goal of the Collaborations project was to bring some fresh, unique items to our customers, while also featuring some awesome Canadian talent, of course! It was great to be able to work closely with the team at Friday to bring the vision that we had to life.

What was the inspiration for the design?

The Peregrine Falcon is our mascot, so it made perfect sense to include him on the socks as well. The 'diving' pattern was one that we have wanted to do for some time now, so it was great to get the chance.


Why did you choose custom socks?

The combination of quality construction, everyday use, and bespoke style were what we were looking for in all of the items in our Collaborations set, so the socks were a great fit.

Any fun facts about your Peregrine you would like to share?

The Peregrine on the socks is wearing tiny goggles to help him see while he dives. Peregrine falcons are the bird with the fastest airspeed in a dive, at 320km/h