The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) is the governing body for gymnastics in Alberta. They provide a range of information & resources to recreational gymnasts, competitive athletes, coaches, and judges in the disciplines of artistic, trampoline & tumbling, acrobatics and Gymnastics For All.  AGF values the growth and development of gymnastics and the opportunity to encourage and support the clubs, gymnasts, coaches, and judges who bring gymnastics to life. They strive to inspire gymnasts, coaches, and judges to meet their own potential through athlete and leadership development opportunities.  AGF works collaboratively with gymnastics clubs to increase participation and grow awareness of gymnastics as a foundational sport with health and wellness benefits for participants of all ages and abilities.


What did you use you custom socks for?

The custom socks will be used as Team Alberta SWAG for our athletes, coaches and judges that attend National Level competitions

What was the inspiration for the design?

The monkey on the socks is Roland, our mascot.  There is no better mascot for gymnastics than a monkey!!

Why did you choose custom socks?

Custom socks are a unique way to have our team stand out!

Any fun facts about Alberta Gymnastics you would like to share?

It is AGF’s 50th year and we are so excited to celebrate it throughout the year.  Gymnastics is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Foundation Sport. Participation in gymnastics develops fundamental movement skills, physical and motor abilities, mental abilities, social and emotional abilities and performance skills that carry over into all aspects of life.  In this year of the Summer Olympics, AGF is happy to celebrate a number of Alberta athletes and coaches over the years that have participated on this world stage.