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Why Friday Custom?

Friday Sock Co. is a Canadian sock brand that has been making custom socks for small and large companies since 2015. We pride ourselves in making a high-quality, ethically made socks that your employees and customers will actually want to wear! One of our key differentiators is that we are a design focused team who will often times guide this process so that you can get a better product than you originally anticipated. 


Why is Quality Important?

We've all received promotional or branded items that were average quality at best. These products typically end up in the back of your closet, in a drawer, or in the landfill. A custom-made product is an extension of your company and brand. Simply put; it's a measure of how much you care. With that in mind, it's incredibly important to make something your end user will enjoy, share, and want to wear again. Making something that people will want to wear is also good for mother nature. Wearing something over and over is a good thing. 



Sock design is a partnership between aesthetics and functionality. We help take your idea and assist you in the creation of a pattern or concept that will not only look good, but will be functional as well. We offer a consultative approach along the way helping you to avoid common pitfalls. Our in-house design team (Lucy, Adam, Hyeju, and Tamara), also create the file that is directly programmed into the knitting machine. This step is typically done at the factory which can often times result in inconsistencies. We do not send your design idea overseas, or have it "designed in 24 hours". We take this process seriously, and typically take a minimum 48-72 hours to have the first version completed. We never want to slap something together quick. That's not our jam. 



Our socks are made in small batches by a family owned factory in Italy. Our yarn is certified OEKOTEX®100 (tested for harmful materials and made in an eco-friendly environment). We use 85% combed Egyptian cotton and reinforce the heels and toes with cotton wrapped polyamide (no unpleasant feeling on your toes). Our socks also feature a no-feel toe seam and our yarn blend extends all the way inside the top cuff for extra durability and comfort.
We make you the same socks that we make for our own customers.
Please note: We can also manufacture sport socks, camp socks, kid socks with grippies, organic GOTS socks, and pre consumer recycled yarn socks. If there's anything specific that you're looking for outside of what's mentioned, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help. 



We are an internationally distributed sock company with over 500 retail store partnerships in Canada, US, and as far away as Japan. We have made and sold hundreds of designs and have over 100 years of combined sock experience on our team (Canada and Italy). If you're looking for cheap socks that can be made in a couple weeks, we are not going to be the right resource. If you're looking for an experienced partner who will make something wonderful to represent your brand, while staying competitively priced; that's us. 


Knitted vs Sublimated (Printed) 

All of our socks are knitted using a high percentage of high quality combed cotton. Sublimated socks are made from a printed graphic which is heat pressing directly on a white pair of synthetic/polyester socks. The downside of sublimated product is that you have to use a synthetic material which doesn't have the breathable and renewable qualities of cotton. Synthetic socks are, in simple terms, plastic fibre socks. The print of a sublimated sock is also quicker to fade, and often times will show the white of the sock when stretched. If you find a custom sock provider that offers super low minimums (under 50 pairs), it's very likely a sublimated product. If that's what you want, zero judgements! we just don't do it.  



When it comes to the environment, we use the very best OEKOTEX® cotton and also have access to organic or recycled pre-consumer yarns, but that's not all. In 2019 we developed a 100% card stock hang-tag (it's the tag that's attached to the socks with the logo and washing instructions). We got rid of the plastic hook that typically comes with these hang-tags and die cut a hook using the hang-tag itself. We also attach it to the socks using thread (instead of the more common plastic barb). In doing these things we were able to phase out all plastic in our packaging. All hang tags also carry the OEKOTEX® logo, an ethically made icon, as well as the recycle symbol. 

Giving Back

A portion of all profits are donated to charitable causes. In 2020 alone we were able to donate over $50,000.00 which is no small feet (get it), for a company of our size. Donations last year include the Calgary Food Bank, Mamas for Mamas, Kidsport, Calgary Reads, U of C Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology and Survivorship, EvenStart Foundation, and others. 


Non Profits

If you are a non profit, or have a charitable component to your custom socks request, please let us know. We may be able to quote preferential rates. 


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How To Get Started

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Please note: Our minimums order quantity is 150 pairs per size per design. To get purposely mismatched socks, minimums start at 300 pairs.