The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) has been an influential not-for-profit organization in Calgary since 2001. USAY strives to provide essential programming and services to Calgary’s Indigenous youth between the ages of twelve and twenty-nine. Their mission is to enrich the lives of all urban Indigenous youth by nurturing self-empowerment and fostering healthy collaboration and communication to ensure healthy future generations. Their vision is to be recognized as a fundamental organization in society, empowering urban Indigenous youth to envision and attain a healthy sustainable future while upholding traditional Indigenous values.

Research indicates as few as 11% of Indigenous youth graduate from high school in Calgary; however, when Indigenous youth participate in USAY’s programs high school success and completion significantly increase.

USAY also has a number of core values which include anything from traditional Indigenous values and culture to “Fun” as a teaching value - learning by having fun!

Land Acknowledgement:

We had a warehouse sale in September 2022 and one of the days landed on National Truth & Reconciliation Day (Sept. 30th), so the team decided that 50% of the sales that day would go towards USAY. 🥁 Drumroll please 🥁... we raised and donated $650.00!

To learn more about the Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth and how you can help out, visit their website: