Why this is important to us?

In August 2022 we hired a new social media manager, Anastasiia, at Friday HQ. She had come to our team after leaving her hometown in Kherson, Ukraine, as it had been occupied by Russian forces. Anastasiia has been working diligently (on top of her full-time commitment to us) to raise awareness of what's happening back at home and volunteering to raise money and help other newcomers settle into their surroundings here in Calgary.

Hearing her story has inspired us to take action! We decided to collaborate with Anastasiia to create Ukraine socks where 100% of the profits from the sale of these socks will be going towards supporting Ukraine during the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe. By purchasing these socks, you'll be supporting three different not-for-profit organizations (chosen by Anastasiia):

Stand With Ukraine is a call to action to help, support, and unite all humanity against the war. Peace For Ukraine in Anastasiia's words is "all we want."

We're grateful for each and every one of you who purchase a pair of these fundraiser socks!