Majesty and Friends is an Edmonton-based store stocking Canadian Made designs from local artists and businesses. Established in 2017 by owner Julie, they have become a fixture in Edmonton’s Highlands neighbourhood. And they will be opening a second location in Manchester Square in summer 2021! Don’t live in Edmonton? No worries you can shop them online at

What did you use your custom socks for? 

We used our custom socks for a crowdfunding campaign with ATB bank. We raised $15,000 to put towards the construction of our makers space in the loft at the new location! We cannot wait to have pop up shops, craft shows and lend the space out to makers at christmas time. 


What was your inspiration for the design?

The inspiration for cats, rainbows, and sprinkles was just "How can we fit all of our favorite things on one sock?"  The colour matches our branding perfectly, I've got 4 cats at home and we love to partner with shelters too and have Cat Pop Up Shops. Sprinkles just make everyone happy. It's a winning combination for sure! I don't think I've seen a cuter sock. 


Why did you choose custom socks over other promotional items?

Friday socks are RAD. And socks are the perfect gift for ANYONE. It's cold in Alberta, we need cozy socks even in summer.  I like how they are made ethically in Italy with a family factory. The quality is outstanding. But really, it's the transparency that Friday socks uses that makes it easy to partner with them. They are very open and honest and share with us how the socks are made, and knowing you are buying ethical makes all the difference. 


Any fun facts about your business you would like to share?

We have 24 Brass unicorns hidden around the shop. We don't know what the voicemail code is so don't leave a message. We went 17 years without an online store, and needed a global pandemic to kick us into gear. Finally, these won't be the last Friday socks that we create.... watch out!