Len Thompson makes premium fishing lures for casting, trolling, and jigging. Located in Lacombe, Alberta they are Canadian Made and family-owned for the past 90 years. Since 1929 they have made over 55 million lures, even constructing the World’s Largest Lure in 2019.

What did you use your custom socks for? 

These will be available for sale at our showroom in Lacombe and online at www.shoplenthompson.ca. I'm sure we'll also be giving away a few pairs to our biggest supporters!

What was your inspiration for the design?

The Five of Diamonds lure is our most popular fishing spoon pattern and was created by Len Thompson himself in the 1950s. In fact, almost 40% of everything we build features five diamonds in different colour combinations. That being said, the Yellow and Red is our best seller! The pattern is so popular that it also inspired the World's Largest Lure project (Guinness Certified). The monument is over 40ft long and located right down the road from our factory at the Len Thompson Pond.

Why did you choose custom socks over other promotional items?

"Fun" socks are definitely popular. We chose Friday Sock Co. because I always enjoy supporting local family owned businesses who have a strong commitment to ethical manufacturing. As a Canadian family business, that is very important to us.

Any fun facts about your business/brand you would like to share?

What's not fun about fishing? I would just like to encourage everyone who has not (or has not recently) picked up a fishing rod to do so this summer. Fishing is not only an incredible way to create amazing memories with family and friends, but it has huge mental health benefits as an outdoor activity. It's affordable, accessible and awesome! How's that for an alliteration?