Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2011, Chaordix was created to help enterprise brands activate and empower their customers. A decade on and they have built the ultimate community platform, allowing brands of all sizes to build valuable relationships with their customers. Their clients include LEGO, Bosch, HPE, Damon Motors, Stihl, Rust-Oleum and a bunch of other awesome brands who care about connecting with their customers and employees. 


What did you use your custom socks for? 

Our custom socks are gifts for our team and our customers, as well as swag for events and contests. We adore the punch of colour they bring to that gap between our kicks and our cuffs.


What was your inspiration for the design?

We talk to our customers about walking in the shoes of their customers, and so we made it literal and asked for colourful characters walking around the socks.


Why did you choose custom socks over other promotional items?

Because socks are FUN! And useful! Everyone needs socks, but not everyone wants another pen or cheap frisbee...


Any fun facts about your business you would like to share?

Chaordix is inventing a new world of customer engagement for large and growing brands who want to build powerful customer connections. And we're doing it from Calgary. Join us!