Introducing Friday Luxury Socks! A collection of premium dress socks including all our favourite mismatched patterns along with a handful of new designs. Level up your business casual, show off on the golf course, or match with your groomsmen while feeling Harvey-Specter-level dapper. 

What’s the difference between these socks and our regular crew collection? Well we are so glad you asked!

The primary difference is that they are made from mercerized cotton, (still in Italy of course) at a much higher thread count, which allows us to design them with smaller, more intricate patterns (mismatched obviously). Mercerized eh – we’re just full of large fancy words today! Essentially, this means that the Egyptian combed cotton is handpicked and run through a process called “mercerization,” a texture finishing treatment that increases the vibrancy of the designs, shine, resistance and overall feel of the sock.

Here are just a few of the exciting features of our luxury collection!

They Smell Great

That’s right, your feel will feel and smell terrific! Mercerized cotton undergoes an antibacterial treatment that preserves its natural cleansing properties after numerous wash cycles.


Man have we waited a lifetime to hear this! No more squeezing your feet into your freshly washed socks and waiting for them to form to your feet. You can wash them over and over and they are guaranteed to keep their shape and stay comfortable.

Made From The Very Best

All of the cotton that that is harvested is handpicked in Egypt is combed, and carded, meaning only the longest, strongest, and purest fibers make the cut. As a result, we can certify that only the best yarn is going into the production and manufacturing of these socks making them the highest quality, and more resistance to regular wear and tear.

Brighter Designs 

During it’s processing the yarn is quality controlled and dyed at a stage that produces a more vivid, long-lasting colour. Throughout the dying stage, the water is purified, tested, and recycled so we can guarantee that these socks are made with the environment in mind, while producing a shiny more luxury feeling sock. We are getting fancy over here!

Your Toes Won’t Wear Through

We can’t guarantee that they’ll never make their way through the toes, but it certainly won’t happen quickly. All of the socks in our luxury collection are reinforced on the heel and toe and hand-linked making them strong and durable for a longer period of time. No one likes having holy socks! Have we convinced you?