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    Friday Presents: XL Mismatched Socks

    Friday Presents: XL Mismatched Socks

    Who has ever walked in a pair of socks that are just not made to fit your foot? If your hand is raised, there is a good chance you are part of the size 12 and up club. The struggle is very very real.

    Everyone is incredibly different, and our feet are no exception. With all the different widths, heights, thickness, shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder finding the perfect pair of socks can be much like trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. It can be so frustrating to walk in a pair of socks that just ain’t right, plus it can cause back pain, orthopaedic issues and even something called bunions – GASP! If you don’t know what a bunion is, trust us, you don’t want to…

    The fact of the matter is the larger your feet, the fewer options you have to choose from. There are shops out there that do offer you some options, but in all seriousness who wants to be caught purchasing socks from Boringbigsocks.com. Not a savvy, style conscious person of the future like yourself. That’s who!

    All jokes, puns and satirical references aside, we have a learned a thing or two selling socks over the years. Dang Canada, some of you have some big feet!

    Well, you begged, and pleaded, and guess what? We listened! We were in denial about the severity of this nation-wide problem for quite a while, but we have officially decided to do our part to end madness! Are you sitting down? XL mismatched socks are now available on our online store and at select retail locations – let’s pause for a celebration!

    When we tracked down Adam - Chief Sock Officer for Friday Sock Co., he made it clear how important this was for the future of socks. “When I decided to launch an XL mismatched sock collection, I knew it would be a big feat. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I truly believe this is one giant step for mankind.”

    You can be sure that these socks WILL:

    • Improve foot dexterity
    • Improve foot comfort
    • Improve the overall quality of your adventures, especially when it involves trekking from one destination to another
    • Suit any occasion from your Grandma’s Birthday, a big Friday night date, to simply walking to your local bodega.
    • Improve your personal style by a zillionfold.
    • Improve your overall well-being and general happiness in life!

    The big details!

    These socks will fit men’s size 12 - 15 (up to size 16 if you keep them out of the dryer), and women’s size 14 +. They’re designed right here in Canada and ethically produced in Italy using OKEO-TEX certified Egyptian Combed Cotton. Every sock has a reinforced toe and heel, and the yarn blend extends throughout the top of the cuff for extra durability and comfort.

    These socks will be available in a variety of some of our best selling mismatched designs and will give your feet the confidence and comfort they need to make big strides in life. Get it? Big strides. Cause… big socks! Ok, moving on.

    If you're unsure of how to wear these socks this summer? Check out our guide to wearing mismatched socks this summer on our blog.
    Your welcome!

    Team Friday